SCE Caps Off Academic Year with Picnic


Celebrating the end of our academic year, our SCE family shared memorable moments and success stories at the 4th annual SCE picnic at Taliaferro Park on June 13, 2013. SCE faculty, staff, alumni board members, industry supporters and program advisory board members and our UMKC collaborators and supporters enjoyed the beautiful weather while renewing connections with each other. All agreed it has been a great year for SCE as we have engaged with our students, community and each other! We were also very proud to welcome and visit with the teachers attending the ASM Materials Camp for Teachers at SCE. Our cooks, SCE faculty Mark McClernon, Jerry Place and Jerry Richardson, made sure the 120 in attendance had as many brats and burgers as they wanted. They even discovered a better way to cook the veggie burgers – steamed on the grill – delicious.

Several SCE faculty and staff helped with the picnic and Jane Vogl, Assistant to Dean Kevin Truman, served as the picnic coordinator. Leftovers were donated to restart Inc., which provides shelter and supportive services to homeless men, women and youth. Bret Lesan, SCE Research Design Engineer, volunteers with this organization and he reported that the leftovers helped to feed dozens of adults and children at their weekend lunch.

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