SCE Welcomes Our New Students

SCE student organization leaders, faculty and staff welcomed our new students this Sunday, August 19. New SCE undergraduates and transfer students were provided with recommendations for creating a vibrant campus experience for themselves and encouraged to be active, rather than passive, learners, and given suggestions for a successful transition to UMKC. They obtained information about our many SCE student organizations and scoped out Flarsheim Hall via activities which led students to SCE laboratories, departmental offices, computer labs, the student lounge and other locations. Whitney Molloy, Director of SCE Student Affairs, coordinates this annual SCE event which follows Convocation. At the conclusion of Convocation, students walk to their respective academic homes to learn more about their School’s student organization and the importance of connecting with faculty and being involved within their discipline and School. Our Best Wishes for a Great Academic Year to all our new SCE undergraduate students.


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