Amber Rath Stern and Ganesh Thiagarajan on NIH funded research team

SCE’s Dr. Amber Rath Stern and Dr. Ganesh Thiagarajan are part of a UMKC research team just awarded a National Health Institute (NIH) $8.3 million grant to study ‘crosstalk’ between bones and muscles. According to the U Matters article, “In collaboration with Dr. Bonewald, other members of the research team includes Mark Johnson, Ph.D., and Sarah Dallas, Ph.D., members of the Bone Biology research group at the School of Dentistry; and Marco Brotto, Ph.D., director of the Muscle Biology research program housed at the School of Nursing. At the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering, investigators Ganesh Thiagarajan, Ph.D., and Amber Rath-Stern, Ph.D., will work with the clinical researchers to develop computer models for measuring, among other things, the impact of muscle loading on bones. William Guthiel, Ph.D., from the UMKC School of Pharmacy will work with Dr. Bonewald to identify these muscle and bone signaling factors. The ultimate goal of this research is to determine the molecular and cellular mechanisms that contribute to the coordinated development of bone and muscle conditions in the elderly. Current treatments for osteoporosis are aimed at controlling the activity of special cells in bone which are responsible for bone formation and bone removal, called osteoblasts and osteoclasts, respectively. “

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