Sean Rivers and Taya Upkes 2011-2012 Student LEAP Award Recipient

Congratulations to Sean Rivers and Taya Upkes! They are UMKC SCE’s 2011-2012 Student Leadership Excellence Achievement Program (LEAP) Award winners and are featured on the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers Western Chapter (MSPE WC) webpage! Each year, the student LEAP award is earned by the two MSPE student chapter students that write the best 300 – 1,000 word essays on engineering ethics. This year the question addressed in the student essays was based this scenario “Engineer A works for Company X which is owned by Engineer B. Company X is currently experiencing financial problems and Engineer B recently created another company, Company Y. Engineer A has learned that Engineer B recently advised clients of Company X to remit payments for work performed by Company X and its employees to Company Y” and the question posed was “What are Engineer A’s ethical obligations under the circumstances?”

Taya & Sean were honored at the March 22, 2012 dinner/presentation that our UMKC MSPE student chapter hosted for the MSPE WC. Their names will be added to the LEAP Award Recipient plaque housed in Flarsheim Hall. Included with each award is a $50.00 gift certificate. The annual LEAP Award was established by the MSPE WC in 2005.

In addition, to the two student LEAP award winners, one SCE faculty each year is the recipient of the faculty Leadership Excellence Achievement Program (LEAP) award. The UMKC School of Computing and Engineering faculty 2011-2012 LEAP award winner is Greg King, Assistant Professor in SCE’s Civil and Mechanical Engineering Department. . He was awarded the LEAP Award by the student members of the MSPE/NSPE. The faculty LEAP Award recognizes one SCE faculty per year for “demonstrated mentoring abilities that encourage students to seek leadership excellence in the engineering profession.”

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