Trifecta at SGA Award Banquet – SCE congratulates Reza Derakhshani, Whitney Molloy & Tim Williams

SCE proudly congratulates Whitney Molloy, Director of SCE Student Affairs, and Reza Derakhshani, Associate Professor of Computer Science Electrical Engineering, for being honored with Apple Polisher Awards at the April 12, 2012 banquet sponsored by UMKC’s Student Government Association (SGA)! SCE also proudly congratulates SCE Student Council President Tim Williams. Tim received the SGA’s 2012 Most Outstanding School Council Leader Award for his leadership and his work within the SGA.

Apple Polisher Awards honor UMKC outstanding faculty and staff who have had a made a significant impact on students’ lives, professionally, academically and/or personally. Nominations for the Apple Polisher awards are made by student leaders. Whitney Molloy was nominated for the award by SCE 2012 Student Council President, Tim Williams, and Dr. Reza Derakhshani was nominated by Sashi Kanth Saripalle, his Ph.D. student.

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