CSEE Monthly Student Puzzle – December Winner

Chris Wolfe climbing rocks with her son where the Vulcan scenes in the last Star Trek movie were filmed

Chris Wolfe is the winner of the December CSEE puzzle contest. Chris, a mechanical engineering student, enjoys playing a variety of sports, including softball and hockey. She also plays paintball with Red Knights Paintball and the French Resistance at Oklahoma D-Day. She was excited to place third last year in the New Year’s Eve Magic tournament she attends every year.

While we received several submissions, Chris was the first student to send in the correct answer to the December puzzle:  

Let us assume there are five houses of different color in a row on the same street. A person from a different part of the United States lives in each house. Each person has a favorite drink, a favorite cheese, and keeps pets of a particular kind. 

-The Gouda cheese eater has a neighbor who drinks water.
-The owner of the green house drinks coffee.
-The Havarti cheese eater keeps birds.
-The owner of the yellow house likes Swiss cheese.
-The Californian drinks tea.
-The man in the center house drinks milk.
-The Alaskan lives in the first house.
-The Gouda eater has a neighbor who keeps cats.
-The Bostonian lives in the red house.
-The Alaskan lives next to the blue house.
-The Minnesotan keeps dogs.
-The green house is just to the left of the white one.
-The man who likes Edam drinks beer.
-The man who keeps horses lives next to the Swiss cheese eater.
-The Clevelander loves Feta cheese. 

Who owns the jerboa rat? 

Think you know the answer? SCE Students can email Whitney Molloy (molloyw@umkc.edu) to see if you are right!

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