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ECE student Jorge Colman creates Iphone/Ipad invention

Jorge Colman, an SCE Electrical Computer Engineering Student, has invented and developed a device that allows iPhone and iPad users to wirelessly watch and manipulate applications on their TV, monitor or projector. The invention would allow people to play games, video chat, surf the web, watch movies, browse pictures, display PowerPoint presentations and manipulate anything that exists on their iPhone or iPad. With a patent pending and a rough prototype, Colman is seeking assistance to finance the final prototype and accepting pre-orders. See the UMKC press release about Jorge and his invention for more details.

Four SCE professors receive 2011 UM Research Board Awards

Four SCE professors have received 2011 University of Missouri Research Board (UMRB) Awards. These awards are competitive and their goal is to provide leverage toward external funding. We congratulate:

  •  Drs. Reza Derakhshani and Gregory King (Co-PIs) for project title Biomechanical and Neurological Correlates of Balance Impairment
  •  Dr. Amber Stern for project title Aging Bone: Age Effects of Osteocyte Sensing of Skeletal Loading
  •  Dr. Ganesh Thiagarajan for project title Macro and Micro Finite Element Analysis of Mouse Ulna and Radius

Congratulations Class of 2011

170 SCE undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students graduated May 6, 2011 from the School of Computing and Engineering.   Leonard Graham, P.E., President of Taliaferro & Browne, Inc., a Kansas City consulting engineering firm, and SCE alum, was our keynote speaker.  He spoke on how his technical education has helped him in his career and future challenges for graduates.  Lastly he provided some good fatherly advice.   His full speech is available here.    Our Spring commencement was preceded by the Dean’s breakfast reception for graduates and their families and friends.   SCE faculty and staff congratulate our graduates on their achievements!

Mohammad Kia is one of four finalists

Mohammad Kia, Ph.D. student in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research at UMKC SCE is one of four finalists in the “Grand Challenge Competition to Predict In Vivo Knee Loads”.  The competition was sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and National Science Foundation (NSF).  Mohammad will present his findings at the June 2011 ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference.   The winner of the competition will be announced after the four finalists give their presentations at the June conference.  Dr. Trent Guess, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, is Mohammad’s faculty advisor.

Dean Kevin Truman promotes STEM education

 Kevin Truman’s opt-ed article,  Now is the time to consider a future in science, technology, regarding science, technology, engineering and math education was published in the Kansas City Star on Sunday, May 1st.   Dr. Kevin Truman has been an engineering educator for  over 30 years and the dean of the School of Computing and Engineering since August 1, 2008.

2011 Steel Bridge Regional Conference Results

Our UMKC ASCE Steel Bridge team competed in the 2011 Mid Continental conference at K-State in Manhattan, KS on  Thursday, April 28.  The following is a brief account of the team’s 2011 accomplishments.  This year has been a rebuilding year for our UMKC Steel Bridge team as UMKC did not compete last year thus losing some momentum going into this year’s competition.  Unfortunately, our team was one of several teams that failed the lateral deflection test of the cantilever section and were disqualified.  This year the lateral deflection test was significantly more stringent than in the past.  Lateral loading was increased and allowable deflections were reduced. Consequently out of 12 teams competing, at least eight (including MU, Lincoln NE, MS&T, Oklahoma State, and KU) were disqualified for lateral deflection. 

Our UMKC Steel Bridge team and its supporters can be very proud that:

  • UMKC fielded one of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing bridges in the competition.
  • Our build time was approximately 13 minutes with 4 builders, and was one of the fasted in the competition.
  • Our bridge was one of the lightest-stiffest bridges , If allowed to be loaded, it is believed it would have been one of the most structurally efficient.


For only one or two very minor (yet critical) mistakes, our UMKC Steel Bridge team would have been in the top two or three teams and would have been off to Nationals again.  When you see any of our UMKC Steel Bridge team members please congratulate them for a great effort this year. They truly deserve it.