Monthly Archives: March 2011

SCE hosts Science Power Program for Urban H.S. Students

On February 12th, 5 groups of students rotated through SCE’s Gait Lab. For each group, motion data was collected. Participants then moved to the computer lab to do some simple analysis on the data in Microsoft Excel. Upcoming is a similar activity scheduled for April 9th, which will involve analysis of force platform data. Negar Khalandi , a senior ME student, was instrumental in making Science Power happen along with Greg King, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Negar developed instructional materials, designed the lab experiments, and handled the logistics of moving students from the gait lab to the computer lab. See the UMKC Press Release.

Kevin Truman Welcomes SAME Industry Day Participants to UMKC!

Dean Kevin Truman will welcome over 400 participants of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Greater Kansas City Post 3rd Annual Industry Day Education and Training Workshop. UMKC and its School of Computing and Engineering will host the event on March 9, 2011. SCE faculty/staff/students are invited to attend events on the agenda, stop by, view the displays and talk with representatives from local and regional consulting engineering firms, construction firms and materials suppliers (30 states are represented), other professional services companies, and government organizations such as the Army Corps of Engineers.

SCE Professor Reza Derakhshani to lecture for LHL’s Science Matters Series

On Thursday, March 10, at 12 noon Dr. Reza Derakhshani will give a talk on “Machine Intelligence: from Babbage to Watson”. He will explore what is intelligence? Can it be reverse engineered into a silicon wafer? Is the singularity near? These are some of the questions that we will entertain as we discuss the past, current state of the art, and the future of intelligent machines. Reza Derakhshani, Ph.D. joined the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering as an assistant professor in 2004. He earned his Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering respectively from West Virginia University. Dr. Reza Derakhshani’s research interests are in computational intelligence paradigms, especially artificial neural networks, and their applications in biomedical signal analysis, biometrics (physical and psychophysiological), and physiological system identification His interdisciplinary research has brought about close collaborations with researchers from different medical and engineering fields. Some of his recent research projects include noninvasive brain computer interfacing, a new patented biometric modality based on vasculature on the white of the eye, neural network models of human joints, and non-obtrusive psychophysiological pattern recognition using postural and ocular dynamics. His work has been funded by various state and federal agencies, and has resulted in a number of peer-reviewed publications and a U.S. Patent. Please visit Professor Reza Derakhshani’s website for more details.

E-Week Participation by SCE Students Hits Record High!

SCE celebrated E-week (February 21 – 25) with numerous events and activities sponsored by our student organizations and SCE Student Council.  Overall participation by students hit a record high!  It is estimated that over 1/3 of SCE students participated in at least one E-week activity! 

The week started off with free nachos, a tug of war and gaming competition. Mid week highlights included the Toyota Ride and Drive, Alumni Panel, Trebuchet and Bottle Rocket Competitions, STEM Career Fair, book fair and Blood Drive.  And did we mention the free donuts on Wednesday and the free pancake breakfast on Thursday?   Several  SCE student leaders were guests at Thursday’s  60th Annual Engineers Week Luncheon attended by over 300 engineering professionals and sponsored by Kansas City engineering firms and organizations.   Friday concluded with the Roo Race and an AWESOME closing event attended by over 150 SCE students  –  the 1st annual E-Week all school party!   At the party the Mr. Engineer Competition sponsored by our Society of Women Engineers student chapter was conducted and E-week prizes and awards were announced.

E-Week Blood Drive Huge Success!

This past “e-week” was phenomenal.  One event that will have long-lasting impact is our 2nd annual blood drive.  Its success reflects our giving, socially responsible SCE community.  Organized by Engineers Without Borders and the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers student organizations, it is the participation and leadership of our SCE community that make service events like these meaningful and successful.  Last Thursday, Feb. 24th,  our SCE family really did Save a Life. Right Here, Right Now. 

The Community Blood Center (CBC) has shared with us that Thursday’s E-Week blood drive attracted 78 potential donors, with 40 being first time donors!   Fifty-eight (58) units of blood were collected.  This far surpassed the CBC’s goals for our drive and we increased the amount of blood collected from last year by 65% (38 units collected in 2010)!  Fantastic!   Thanks to everyone that donated or tried to donate … hopefully those that couldn’t participate this year for whatever reason can join us next year for the 3rd annual E-week Blood Drive.

One donation saves up to two lives and according to Pam Thorp, at the CBC,  Mobile blood drives such as yours account for more than 60% of the blood needed to keep our hospitals adequately supplied. Without your help, it would be difficult to collect the 580 pints needed each day for our family, friends, and neighbors . . . Please pass on our gratitude to the volunteers who supported the blood drive.

SCE’s students, faculty and staff can be proud to part of a School with this level of commitment to the community!