Ganesh Thiagarajan’s Bridge Approach Slab Research Report Published by MoDOT

Bridge Approach Slab Research conducted by Ganesh Thiagarajan, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at UMKC’s School of Computing and Engineering, is featured in MoDOT’s January 2011 electronic newsletter, Fast forward, under the title More Cost Efficient Bridge Approach Slabs Possible.  Fast forward notes, “ Bridges are expensive to build and rehabilitate. And just a minor change in one of the components can save a significant amount of money. MoDOT research has discovered three new alternative designs for bridge approach slabs that are estimated to cost about 20 percent less. Potential savings were found for both new construction and bridge approach slab replacements.”

Dr. Thiagarajan was the principal investigator for this research.  He led a team that included a researcher from UMKC, Dr. Ceki Halmen and from UMC, Professor Gopalratnam, along with a number of graduate students from both institutions.  The research work was done in close collaboration with MoDoT engineers and took  two years to complete.  It is an excellent example of translational research as the findings will directly impact application in the field, potentially reducing costs associated with new bridge approach slabs.  Additional research on the field implementation of the proposed bridge approach slabs is currently underway.   For the full report, see

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