KCUR Up to Date will feature Vijay Kumar’s research on Aug. 5th

KCUR Up to Date program, hosted by Steve Kraske, has invited Vijay Kumar to talk about his U.S. Air Force research which could produce vehicles with minds of their own if Professor Vijay Kumar’s project goes as planned.  Professor Vijay Kumar is designing and developing a prototype of a “self-synchronizing moving objects” system under the summer fellowship program at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in Rome, N.Y.  An automatic system would guide cars on their way, leaving the “driver” free to text, shave or even nap! Such a system could be used for national defense purposes, as well.   Read the UMKC Press Release or Wired Magazine for additional background information.  Listen live  from 11- 12 noon on Thursday, Aug. 5th.

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