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Society of Military Engineers GKC Post Donates $4000 to SCE

Same Check Presentation

The Society of Military Engineers Greater Kansas City Post, along with the School of Computing and Engineering at University of Missouri – Kansas City, hosted the 2nd Annual Industry Day event. The event was a huge success for the Post.  It exceeded the 2009 event with over 250 representatives from the architectural/engineering, construction, US Army Corps of Engineers, and students from across the country in attendance.  To thank UMKC and the School of Computing & Engineering, on April 28th, COL Roger Wilson (KC District), Mr. Chris Prinslow (KC District), Mr. Jason Meyers (Burns & McDonnell) presented a check to the UMKC’s SCE “Dean’s Discretionary Fund”. Accepting the check for UMKC included Dr. Kevin Truman (Dean of SCE), Dr. Appie van de Liefvoort, (Chair of Computer Science Electrical Engineering Department), Ms. Megan Foster, President of SAME Student Chapter and Dr. Mark McClernon (Chair of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Department). The contribution to the School of Computing & Engineering will be used to procure additional equipment for the school’s civil engineering laboratory.  The post will begin planning for next year’s event in the near future. We’re looking forward to another successful event in Jan 2011!

SCE Faculty Reza Derakshani MSPE State Conference Presenter

BiometricsSCE Professor Reza Derakhshani is an invited speaker at MSPE’s 73rd Annual Convention at the Lake of the Ozarks on June 16, 2010.  Biometrics: now and the future is his talk’s title.  He will present the current state of the art in biometric identification, discussing both their strengths and vulnerabilities and conclude with a discussion on the future of identification technologies and their potential implications.  Biometrics is the science of discovering or verifying individuals’ identities based on their unique physiological traits, such as iris, vein, or fingerprint patterns. Applications typically include securing authorized access to a protected physical or informational entity. Some biometric measures such as fingerprinting have been known since the ancient times. However, given the recent digital revolution and security needs, we are increasingly encountering different forms of biometrics in many aspects of our lives.

Congratulations SCE 2010 Graduates!

SCE faculty, staff and alumni congratulate our 2010 graduates!  At the May 7, 2010 Commencement ceremony, keynote speaker Mike Chesser, Chairman & CEO of Great Plains Energy, Inc. and Kansas City Power & Light, encouraged our graduates to follow their passion and interests as their training as computer scientists,  engineers and information technologists can be utilized in a great number of careers.  This along with strong ethics and always treating others with respect is fundamental to acheiving a high level of satisfication and success.  SCE is proud of our newest alums and know that they are well prepared to pursue their dreams.  Con-GRAD-ulations!Commencement 2010

UMKC Baja Team ranks at 2010 Baja SAE Competitions

The UMKC Baja Team ranked 39th overall at the Baja SAE Carolina competition held on April 8-11, 2010 and 24th overall at the Baja SAE Western Washington competition held on May 18-22, 2010.  Impressively, the team also placed 1st in the Written Report category.  The Baja Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Design Competitions include static events (written reports and oral presentations regarding engineering design and project costs) and dynamic events (racing factors, such as acceleration, towing, traction, maneuverability and endurance).  The faculty advisor is Professor Mike Carlson.

Baja Buggy Action

Baja Buggy Group