SCE Scholarship Applications Due January 31, 2010

SCE 2010-2011 Scholarship Application Process and Deadline

Applications for 2010-2011 SCE Scholarships must be received by the SCE Scholarship Office no later than January 31, 2010 for Round 1 First Priority consideration (note: all 2009-2010 scholarships except one were awarded to Round 1 applicants so getting an application in by January 31, 2010 is important). Information about available SCE scholarships, including eligibility information (most require undergraduate status) for each scholarship and the downloadable general scholarship application form can be found at:

The general SCE application form is valid for ALL SCE scholarships, but additional application materials may be required for specific scholarships (see link above). All applicants are required to complete the downloadable General SCE Scholarship Application and write a Statement of Support Essay that describes, to the SCE Scholarship Committee, your educational and career goals, how a scholarship will benefit you, and why you should be selected over other equally qualified applicants.

Deliver the completed Application, Essay and any additional materials to:
JANE VOGL, SCE Scholarship Coordinator
534C Flarsheim Hall (Dean’s Office Suite)

Round 1 Deadline: January 31, 2010

The SCE Scholarships are administered by our School of Computing and Engineering academic unit. Students applying for the SCE Scholarships are applying ONLY for the scholarships listed at

Students applying for any other scholarships or financial aid need to apply for those separately. It’s recommended that all students interested in financial aid or scholarships, visit one of the sites below to find out about what is available and how to apply.

Additional financial resources for UMKC students can be found at:

SCE also keeps a list of external scholarships awarded by industry groups and organizations that we learn about at: . SCE students can review them to see if they are eligible to apply.

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