SCE Students Accepted in U.S. Navy NUPOC Program

Jared Bayne, 2009 BS Electrical Computer Engineering, and Sean Comer, 2009 BS Civil Engineering, were accepted by the U.S. Navy into the Naval Nuclear Power Officers Candidate Program (NUPOC). Upon graduation from college, they will attend Officer Candidate School and after commissioning as an officer, they will attend the Naval Nuclear Power School (NNPTC) in South Carolina to complete a 24-week, graduate level course of study in science and technology designed to provide theoretical knowledge of nuclear power. Upon completion of the graduate coursework, they are then sent to “prototype”, which is hands-on training at an operational nuclear power plant. After all the training is completed, they will oversee nuclear engineering operations and navigational duties on a nuclear submarine. Jared Bayne also received the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Honor Recipient Award (only nine were awarded this spring across campus).

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