Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan Update

Starting in the Fall 2021, the University of Missouri will be partnering with Anthem Student Advantage for all future coverage options, including voluntary full-coverage dental and vision plans.  (please note the site works best with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers.)

Please click the links below to view the highlights of each plan.  Full plan benefits are available on the Anthem Student Advantage website.

In addition, continuation of care as we transition to the new Anthem insurance plan can be addressed individually.  Please see the Transition Assistance Program for more information.  Instructions on how to search as a guest for your health care provider in the Anthem Student Advantage network are found here:  Anthem Provider Finder.  Students already enrolled in Anthem should search for a provider using the Sydney App.

As a reminder, domestic students can elect to enroll in the plan directly with Anthem (or with any insurance plan of their choice).  For International Students without waivers, enrollment in the Anthem Student Advantage Health Insurance Plan is mandatory and will be automatically billed to your student account.  All dependents must be enrolled separately with Anthem.

Additional Anthem Student Advantage resources: