Conduct and Honor Codes

All students at the University of Missouri–Kansas City are expected to abide by the Standard of Conduct as described in the University of Missouri System Collected Rules and Regulations.

In addition, some academic programs have honor codes and other standards for students enrolled in these programs, including the Schools of Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy.

University of Missouri Student Standard of Conduct

Chapter 200 of the UM Collected Rules and Regulations outlines the Standard of Conduct all students are expected to uphold as well as the rules and procedures for student disciplinary matters.

The conduct code is designed to ensure social responsibility, academic integrity, and the safety of our community.

Students found to be in violation of the Standard of Conduct may face formal sanction, ranging from warning to expulsion.  Students have the right to a formal hearing. 

UMKC Student Conduct FAQ

UM Student Standard of Conduct

UM Rules of Procedures in Student Conduct Matters

UM Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity Policy and Equity Resolution Processes



Academic Program Honor Codes and Standards