Campus Policies

Acceptable Use Policy and other Information Services Policies

This policy applies to all users including faculty, staff, students, and guest users of University of Missouri computer networks, equipment, or connecting resources.  All information technology resources are the property of the University and users must abide by certain guidelines for acceptable use of these resources.

Alcohol Policy

The use or possession of any alcoholic beverage is strictly prohibited on all University property except were appropriate University approval is given, subject to legal requirements.

To request permission to serve alcoholic beverages at events that support the mission of the University, Departments should inquire at the Office of the Dean of Students. Student Organizations should inquire at the Office of Student Involvement.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

Bulletin Board Policy

The Office of Student Involvement reviews the requests of student organizations, university departments, individuals, and outside agencies for posting materials on campus bulletin boards.  Stop by the Office of Student Involvement on the third floor of the Student Union for a complete set of regulations and a listing of approved bulletin boards for posting materials on campus, or call 816-235-1407.  Materials that do not have the approval stamp from OSI or posted at unapproved locations will be taken down.  When designing flyers and posters, please remember that UMKC is an institution of higher education that values life-long learning, diversity, inclusiveness, and respect.  All flyers must include current contact information for the organization.

Business Interruption Policy

In the event of severe weather or other events that may impact the health and safety of the campus community, the Chancellor may cancel classes or close the University.  Information will be posted to the UMKC website, sent out via UMKC Alert! system, and sent to local media stations.

Campus Free Expression Act

UMKC is committed to retaining an academic environment for free expression and debate where each member of the public has the freedom to speak, assemble peaceably, and to petition for redress of grievances.

Cashiers Policies

The Cashiers Office is responsible for the billing, collection, and deposit of all student fees. This includes student fees, housing, bookstore, and other special charges.  Please remember that by enrolling in classes you incur financial responsibility to the University.  All students are responsible for charges and fees accrued on their student accounts.

Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri

UMKC, as part of the University of Missouri System, is governed by the UM Collected Rules and Regulations, which detail the use, activity, and governance for the university and its employees, students, facilities, and programs.

Complaint Policy

The University of Missouri – Kansas City is committed to respecting all members of our university community and providing a quality educational experience for all students. The objective of the Student Complaint Policy is to ensure that the concerns and complaints of students are addressed fairly and are resolved promptly.

If a student has a significant complaint that cannot be addressed within another established university policy, students may choose to file a formal complaint with the Office of the Dean of Students. This complaint process is not an appeal to re-examine a decision made through a University policy nor does it supersede another defined university process. If the student’s complaint involves discrimination or Title IX issues, the student is referred to the Office of Affirmative Action.

Students may submit a formal complaint to the Office of the Dean of Students utilizing the online complaint form. Formal complaints should include specific information about the concern, measures the student has already taken to address the concern, and any resolution sought. The Dean of Students will determine the best process to investigate and address each complaint.

Click for more information and to file a formal complaint with the Dean of Students.

In addition, the University has an obligation to track and log significant student complaints as required by federal regulations and the Higher Learning Commission. The Office of the Dean of Students will log student complaints that are made utilizing the formal online complaint form. This log does not include concerns reported to other individuals, concerns reported by individuals who are not current, former, or prospective students, and concerns for which other processes exist. UMKC does not tolerate retaliation against individuals who file a complaint or who cooperate in the investigation of such complaints.

Distribution of Literature on Campus

Recognized student organizations may distribute literature on campus with prior authorization from the Office of Student Involvement.  When designing flyers and posters, please remember that UMKC is an institution of higher education that values life-long learning, diversity, inclusiveness, and respect.  All flyers must include current contact information for the student organization.  It is against this policy to place literature on automobile windows parked in designated University parking areas.  See also the section below for Student Organization Policies.

Email Policy

The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) provides an email service called Microsoft Office 365 (O365) for use to its students.  UMKC encourages the appropriate use of e-mail by students to further their educational goals.  As a condition of access, all use of UMKC resources must be in accord with all laws, University policy, University contracts, and any policies specific to a resource utilized.

The UMKC O365 student email account has an address ending in  This is the account used for University business and official University communications to students via email.  Students are expected to regularly check their UMKC account for University communications and are responsible for communications sent to this account.  Students may use their Outlook Live account at their discretion for personal use as long as the usage is in compliance with the University of Missouri’s Acceptable Use Policy (CRR 110.005).  Forwarding email to a personal account is at the student’s discretion.

UMKC Outlook Live student email accounts will continue to work after graduation and messages and folders will be preserved as long as the email account is checked every 60 days.  Email addresses will also remain the same for as long as this system exists.  After graduation, students may notice advertisements beside their messages.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

UMKC conforms to federal regulations known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA.  The purpose of FERPA is to provide rights to students and their families with regard to access and privacy of academic records. FERPA guarantees students at the postsecondary level the right to inspect and view their academic records. It also prohibits UMKC from releasing information from a student’s record to any third party unless the student authorizes the release.

UM Policy on Student Records

Federal Disclosure Requirements and Other Consumer Information

Various state and federal laws, specifically the Higher Education Opportunity Act require Colleges and Universities to provide information and notice to students on a variety of topics.

Financial Aid Policies

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (FASO) is responsible for maintaining the eligibility of the University and its students to receive federal and state financial aid. This responsibility dictates strict adherence to federal and state regulations.

Please be aware that financial aid awards are based on a student’s enrollment, and changes in a student’s credit hours may affect that student’s eligibility for aid.  If you withdraw from classes, you could owe back a portion or all of the financial aid that you may have received at the beginning of the semester.  In addition, to maintain eligibility for aid, students must demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).  Students who are out of status may not be eligible to receive additional financial aid until they have regained their SAP status.

Guide to Group Living

The Residential Life Guide to Group Living is a reference for our students and staff to the policies, resources, and general information about living in Residential Life. Although our policies are also listed in the terms of agreement on the contract, these policies are also on-line for your convenience. If you have questions about the Guide, please talk with your RA/ALA or Residential Life Coordinator.

Hoverboard Policy

Beginning January 14, 2016, ALL self-balancing scooters, also referred to as battery-operated scooters or hands-free Segway-like scooters and more popularly known as hoverboards, are prohibited from use or storage on UMKC campus property and UMKC-owned or -operated facilities.

Rationale: Recent information and concerns raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that the batteries in hands-free personal transportation devices can be dangerous and prone to creating a safety and fire risk. Until a time that the safety standards of these devices are improved and this ban lifted, they are prohibited from being used or stored in any UMKC-owned or -operated facilities or campus property.

Room and Facility Reservations

All classes, meetings or assembly of any sort held in University buildings or on University grounds are subject to all United States and Missouri laws and University ordinances, rules and regulations.

In addition, it is expected that proper care will be taken of the facility and that the simple rules of courtesy, decency and good manners will be observed at all times. Any failure to abide by these requirements may cause the permission for the use of the facility to be withdrawn at any time, or for the future permission for the use of any University facilities to be denied.

Student organizations may make room and facility reservations for their sponsored events.  Information about this process and the required forms can be found by visiting the Office of Student Involvement.  See also the section below for Student Organization Policies.

Sale Policy

The sale of anything, the soliciting of subscriptions, or the collection of dues is prohibited in University buildings and on University grounds without prior authorization. Permission to sell item(s) on University property is given only to UMKC faculty, professional staff, and recognized student organizations.  The sales table/booth must be staffed at all times by a member of the sponsoring organization who is a currently enrolled student at UMKC.  The University shall not be used for commercial or promotional advertising purposes, nor will the name of the University be identified in any way with the aims, policies, programs, products, or opinions of any organizations or its members; an exception may be made by the Board of Curators upon recommendation of the President of the University.  When an exception is made, the conditions for using the name will be prescribed.  See also the section below for Student Organization Policies.

Scooter Policy

UMKC prioritizes the safety of the campus community and the wise use of its resources. The increased availability of motorized scooters on or near campus prompts us to issue some important guidelines and reminders regarding the use of scooters in our community.

    • Motorized scooters may be ridden or stored safely on city streets that connect to or run through campus but are not allowed on UMKC property. (Scooters are defined to include self-balancing scooters, battery-operated scooters, hands-free “Segway”-like scooters, hoverboards, and electronic scooters, such as “Bird” electric scooters, “Lime” electric scooters, etc.)
    • UMKC cares about students and public safety and wants all riders to follow guidelines from scooter rental companies, including: Scooter drivers must wear a helmet and be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license. Scooters are not meant for operation on sidewalks. Scooter operators must follow all traffic rules that apply to drivers, including obeying street signs and stop signs and not operating under the influence.
    • Electric scooters are not allowed in campus buildings and should be parked or set down only on city property adjacent to campus.
    • Students, faculty and staff may not use UMKC electrical outlets to charge “Bird,” “Lime” or other electric scooters to receive financial incentives from the companies. For students, this policy is in accordance with UMKC Residential Life policy, which states that students may not use any residential space for personal financial gain.

In closing, UMKC urges all students, faculty and staff to be aware of their surroundings and on the lookout for motorized scooters. Their small size and quiet operation mean they are easy to miss in traffic. Scooters are convenient and easy to use, but also expose users to possible injury from other vehicles or from other accidents. Our campus community can co-exist with new scooter traffic with common-sense use of safety precautions.

Student Organization Policies

The Office of Student Involvement is responsible for assisting in the management and operation of student organizations.

With nearly 300 active student organizations, there are plenty of options for students to explore or express themselves.  Students, student organizations, and their advisors are responsible for following policies for forming student organizations, requirements for maintaining eligibility, and other important policies for campus events, conduct, and travel.

UMKC Student Organization Reference Guide