Conduct FAQ

We recognize that faculty and staff may have questions about our student conduct code or how to deal with issues of student conduct. The following information is meant to address some of the frequently asked questions about conduct from faculty and staff.

When should I call the police?

Whenever you believe there is any threat of violence or other unlawful behavior against the instructor or students. Any threat of violence should be taken seriously by calling the police at 816-235-1515.

What should I do with incidents of disruptive behavior?

Any student whose classroom behavior interferes with the learning environment should be informed by the instructor that their actions are disruptive. The instructor should explain how the behavior disrupts the teaching/learning process, inform the student that if the behavior continues it may be reported to the department chair, dean’s office or the Director of Student Conduct and Civility, and that the student must cease the behavior. This explanation and request may take place in the classroom at the time of the behavior or at another time and place deemed appropriate by the instructor (e.g. during office hours).

What should I do with persistent disruption?

A student may be dismissed by the instructor for any class period in which disruptive behavior persists following the instructor’s request that it cease Read More

If the student refuses a request by the instructor to leave the classroom following persistent disruptive behavior, the UMKC Police should be contacted at 235-1515. Attendance at subsequent class periods is allowed unless the disruptive behavior continues.

If an instructor is unsatisfied at any point in the handling of an incident of disruptive behavior prior to its final resolution, they should contact the department chair to discuss the matter.

What if a disruptive student claims the disruptive behavior is the result of a disability?

The fact that a student may have a disability should not inhibit you from notifying appropriate authorities (including campus police as needed) about the disruptive behavior. Read More

  • Students with disabilities must adhere to reasonable behavior standards.
  • Disability claims and accommodation requests should be discussed with the Office of Disability Services.
  • Federal agencies and the courts have made it clear than an institution of higher education does not have to tolerate or excuse violent, dangerous or disruptive behavior, especially when that behavior interferes with the education opportunities of other students.
  • Colleges and universities may discipline a student with a disability for engaging in misconduct if it would impose the same discipline on a student without a disability.

What is the right of the student?

If the student involved in an incident of disruptive behavior believes that they have been improperly treated, the student may seek assistance through established department, school, and university Equity Resolution Processes.

How do I file a complaint against someone for violating the student conduct code?

If you have been harassed or assaulted or had another experience with a student of UMKC that you feel violates the Student Conduct Code or other university rule or regulation, you can file a complaint with the Director of Student Conduct and Civility or the Title IX Coordinator.