Missouri Educator Evaluation System

Student growth and learning is the primary responsibility of those who teach in our classrooms and lead our schools. Growth and learning can be observed and measured. Educators, in partnership with students, parents and community, are accountable for ensuring the improvement of student achievement. Effective educator evaluation systems promote the improvement of professional practice resulting in the improvement of student performance. The Missouri Educator Evaluation System (MEES) focuses on growth at all levels in order to impact the quality of instruction provided to students. The essential principles of effective evaluation are the foundation and creates consistency in assessing educator performance across the state.

What does MEES do?

  • Measures performance against research-based practices aligned to those articulated in the state’s model teacher and leader standards
  • Uses of multiple ratings to differentiate levels of performance
  • Highlights a probationary period of adequate duration which results in sufficient induction and socialization support for new teachers and leaders
  • Uses measures of students educational growth to evaluate professional practice at all levels and ensures educators cannot be rated as proficient or distinguished if student growth is low
  • Provides ongoing, regular, timely and meaningful feedback on performance
  • Includes standardized and ongoing training for evaluators
  • Uses evaluation results to inform decisions, determinations and policy regarding personnel


Jeff Freeland
MEES Consultant