Grandview School District, Instructional Services Center Training Room
13007 10th St. Grandview MO US


Feb 15 2022

MTDS Mastering: Mentoring – Grandview

This program offers learning and support for mentor teachers.
Mastering: Mentoring is part of the Missouri Teacher Development System.

This opportunity provides:

•coaching, observation, and feedback training and support.

•consultant support

•regional networking with other mentor teachers

•opportunities to apply newly acquired skills with beginning teachers

•competency-based programming
Mastering: Mentoring emphasizes the following MTDS Competencies >

•Professional: Communicates Professionally Develops and applies coaching conversation skills while mentoring aspiring/preparing/emerging teacher

•Competencies Related to Coaching & Mentoring Teachers on:
–Building a Community: Accessing & Building Systemic Services and Supports
–Managing a Classroom: Manages Behavior, Creates & Manages a Learning Environment, Communicates Progress Toward Learning Goals
–Being a Professional: Supports School District Vision, Mission, & Goals
–Designing Instruction: Develops Research-Based Instruction
–Reflecting on Practice: Sets Growth Goals

Mastering: Mentor First Year Teachers is offered free for teachers who are mentoring a teacher enrolled in: MTDS Emerging I(BTAP)


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