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Dec 23 2021

LETRS: A Proven Approach to Raising Reading Achievement–Volume 2 Units 5-8

LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) provides teachers with the tools and understanding to teach the essential skills needed for literacy. Teachers learn the “science of reading” so they are able to apply research into classroom application to teach language and literacy skills to every student, no matter the curriculum or program used. LETRS is a blended model of professional development consisting of online course, textbook, and four face-to- face trainings.

LETRS provides
•Robust online learning experience
•Integrates assessment considerations and tools for each topic
•Guides teachers through classroom curriculum development
•Includes engaging videos that show teachers demonstrating effective instructiona

Teachers, not programs, teach students to read.

The LETRS course of study will include four face-to-face sessions, a launch event with a Locally Certified Trainers scheduled strategically throughout the implementation. These sessions will incorporate Bridge-to-Practice activities, discussions of instructional strategies, and reflection on the integration of new learning, ensuring greater transfer to classroom application. Materials are purchased directly from Lexia Learning (robyn.rogers@lexialearning.com) for approximately $375 per person.

Please enroll by August 27, 2021.

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