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By , August 26, 2013 4:59 pm

UMKCSGA[Posting by your Student Government Association President Benjamin Campero.  Also check out his column in University News, From the President’s Desk.]

Welcome Back & Call to Action

Fellow Roos,

Welcome back and welcome to UMKC, I have had a great first week back on campus getting to know new and returning students alike. I am so excited about what the year has to come, from working on the issues set forth by the previous administration, including instituting a Smoke Free Policy and working toward equality in the Residence Halls with the Gender Neutral Housing Resolution that overwhelmingly passed Senate last year, and our purpose to provide an orderly method of government representative of all students that acts on the will of the majority while protecting the interest of the minority and stands for all students of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), in all matters that concern them. SGA’s mission is to stimulate the intellectual, political, cultural, and social growth of all students and in the spirit of keeping you in the loop, there is one thing we must let you know about.

House Bill 253 (HB253) passed the Missouri Legislature last session and was sent to Governor Jay Nixon’s desk for approval. Governor Nixon vetoed the bill and it has been sent back to the legislature.

HB253 seeks to cut taxes for the wealthiest of Missourian’s Tax Payers, and slashes more than $800 million from revenue. Higher Education is unprotected by law and one of the most vulnerable places to lose if the HB 253 Veto is overridden.

If the Veto is overridden, the University has ONE option: to raise tuition for all four University of Missouri campuses. UM System President Tim Wolfe has announced that passage of this bill will necessitate anywhere from 8 to 16 percent hike in tuition for students.

This is simply unacceptable; it is time that Missouri Politicians quit playing games with the education and future of Missouri’s workforce

You can help! We ask that you call your State Representative and ask them to stand with students across Missouri and hold the Governor’s Veto.

Do not hesitate on contacting me if you have any questions, 816-235-1426 or email me at umkcsga@umkc.edu.

Your President,

Benjamin Campero

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