UMKC Conservatory Classes Open to Non-Majors

By , November 29, 2011 8:14 am

Are you interested in music but not a music major?  Would you like to learn more about music or continue playing an instrument you started before you came to college?  Or do you need a Fine Arts class to graduate?  Here are some Conservatory classes for this spring that are open to any UMKC student!  Check them out! 

  • CONS 101C Voice Class I (MoWe or TuTh 8-8:50am, 2 units) Learn the fundamentals of correct voice production; breathing, breath control, study vowel forms and consonants.
  • CONS 103 Fundamentals of Music Theory (Online or TuTh 8-8:50am, 2 units)  An introduction to the rudiments of music theory and basic musicianship skills.
  • CONS 108 Beginning Piano for Non-Music Majors (MoWe 3-3:50pm, 2 units)  Acquire basic piano skills with popular arrangements and group techniques designed to encourage playing the piano for fun!
  • CONS 120 Music Appreciation (MoWeFr 8-8:50am, 3 units) lecture class or CONS 120N Music Appreciation (Online, 3 units) Designed for students with little or no music background, learn the basic elements of music including historical and stylistic periods.
  • CONS 125 History and Development of Rock and Roll (Online, 3 units)  This introductory course explores American popular music from early Rhythm and Blues to Woodstock.
  • CONS 126 Introduction to World Music (Online, 3 units)  An introduction to global music traditions and their cultural contexts. 
  • CONS 438 Creative Collaboration: Ideas & Strategies (M 2-5pm, 3 units)  This class historically and practically investigates collaboration since the turn of the century culminating with an informed and communicative class collaboration. Thinking outside the box is required!
  • CONS 497RT RAT Ensemble (TuTh 5-6:30pm, 1-3 units)  This class is open to any UMKC Student who is interested in exploring technology in performance – from composers, to performers, to electrical engineers, to film makers. All are welcome in a mash-up of ideas and creative collaboration. Students need not even have a background in technology and will be paired according to skill level, desired performance/creative goals, etc.
  • CONS 497GC Guitar Class (TuTh 12-12:50pm, 2 units)  Guitar for Non-Music Majors.
  • DANCE 403A Modern Technique for Non-Majors I (W E5:30-7:00pm, 1 unit)  This course features both the applied and theoretical study of modern dance.
Conservatory Choral Ensembles:
  • CONS 307C Conservatory Singers (MoFr 2-3:30, W 2-2:50, 1 unit)
  • CONS 308A Conservatory Concert Choir (MoTuWeTh 1-1:50, 1 unit)
  • CONS 497SU University Singers (MoWeFr 12-12:50, 1 unit)
  • An audition is required – contact the Choral Studies Office at 816-235-2941
Conservatory Instrumental Ensembles:
  • CONS 302 Orchestra (Mo 1:45-2:50, WeFr 1-2:50, 2 units)
  • CONS 306A Wind Ensemble (MoWeFr 11-12:30, 2 units)
  • An audition is required: 
  • Orchestra:  contact Dr. Olson at 816-235-5208
  • Wind Ensemble: contact Dr. Parisi at 816-235-2919

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