Time Management Seminar

By , February 28, 2012 8:17 am

This week’s topic will help students articulate his/her priorities in regards to school, work, and family. Academics are important, however, academics often are not the only priority for a student. There are many other aspects of a student’s life that affect academics. This workshop will help students not only articulate their priorities but to find a fair balance of priorities and manage everything on one’s plate. Students will learn of tools to help them control their schedule rather than letting their schedule control them, as well as reassuring students to ask for help and assistance when they feel they may be getting overwhelmed rather than waiting until it is too late and the stress has already begun.

This Week’s Seminars are:

2/28     Tues     12:30pm   
2/29   Wed      3:00pm 
All Seminars will take place in the Student Union room 419.

Next Week’s Seminar: Relaxing to Stay Focused

Seminars are mandatory for students on financial aid contracts, Bloch Scholars and Osher Scholars.  Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes.  Students must sign in within 10 minutes of the seminar starting to receive credit.

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