Stressed out? Try these quick fixes

By , April 16, 2013 8:21 am

For many students, with finals just a few weeks away, stress is at its peak.  Although you may be itching to get outside and soak up some sun (which is a great natural stress-reliever!), spring can still give us bad weather.

So what can you do when you need a quick break to clear your mind and refresh yourself?  The list below gives ideas for fun, relaxing activities without having to rely on the weather!

  • Go to a lunch-time concert (the Conservatory has many free concerts this time of year–check out their events calendar)
  • Visit the MindBody Connection in the Student Success Center
  • Play pool in the Student Union
  • Bake a treat for your neighbors or cook dinner for you and your roommates
  • Visit a museum–there are three near campus, including the Nelson-Atkins Museum, the Toy & Miniature Museum, and the Kemper Museum
  • Go see a movie
  • Get in a quick workout or walk the indoor track at Swinney Recreation Center
  • Have a lunch with friends- off campus!
  • Meditate, stretch, or try yoga for a half hour
  • Volunteer a few hours on the weekend
  • Clean- it gets your mind off school, and you feel much better when you’re done!  It’s also easier for most people to focus on their studies in a clean environment.

But don’t confuse stress-relief with plain old procrastination!  Stick to a schedule (another way to curb stress) and remember that these ideas are meant to be short breaks to relax and unwind so you feel energized and more focused on your school work.

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