Spotlight: Residential Life

By , November 30, 2010 8:31 am

The mission of the Residential Life Office is to promote student learning by creating inclusive and safe environments that foster student success both personally and academically.  We recognize the importance of fostering unity and understanding within a community while celebrating the individual.  Not only do our residents receive academic and social support, they live in the heart of a vibrant campus life experience!

If you are looking for THE place to live, check out Residential Life at UMKC!


Did you know that students who live on campus typically have a higher GPA than students who live off of campus?  In 2008, the average on-campus GPA was 3.10 compared to 2.68 for students living off-campus.  The combination of the proximity to campus, academic programming and classes held right in the facilities, and living among other students all lead to academic success for our students.


There’s almost nowhere else where you can experience the diversity that a student living in Residential Life encounters on a daily basis.  We have almost 1500 students living on campus who come from all over the United States and the world.


Whether you’re currently living on campus right now or not, there are plenty of cool things happening in Residential Life of which you can take advantage.  Our student staff members are all responsible for providing programming and events to meet students’ needs throughout the year.  Some of these include pancake nights in Oak Place, a Halloween party in the Student Union, and pool parties at Swinney Recreation Center.  In addition, we frequently have faculty members come in and talk to students about classes, movies, or current events. Studies show that students who are engaged on campus are more likely to graduate. One way or another, Residential Life wants to get you involved!

With more students living on campus this year than ever before, UMKC Residential Life is the place to be for students!

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