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By , February 3, 2015 11:23 am

study groupsSo, it’s the start of the third week of classes–how are you doing?  By now, you probably have your routine settled, you know what to expect in each class, and you’re still caught up on all the assignments, right?  Let’s keep it that way!

Take a quick moment to review how each class is going:  now is the time to evaluate whether you have scheduled yourself enough time to study for each class.  You should also consider attending any Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions that may be connected with the class.  Studying in groups is extremely helpful–not only does it create a specific time for you to study, it also gets you active in your learning by giving you opportunities to discuss the course concepts with your classmates.  Even if your class doesn’t have an SI session, get together with your classmates over coffee at the Union or the Library to go over notes, make sure you didn’t miss anything, ask questions about material you didn’t understand, and help each other work through problems and difficult concepts.

Not only should you evaluate if you have enough time allotted to study, but also consider HOW you are studying.  Try rewriting your notes to make sure you really understand why you included what you did in your lecture notes.  Make an outline of the important concepts covered in the textbook.  Double-check your syllabus to stay on track of what you should be reading before class to prepare and after class to review; make note of what you also may need to do in Blackboard to participate in class discussions.  Also make a note of what distracts you while you’re studying–and then minimize those distractions!

Starting good study habits now–at the start of the semester–will reinforce a positive routine and keep you on track and allow you some time to make adjustments in your schedule now.  Got any study tips to share?  Use the comments below to share your success plan!

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