UMKC Theatre: A Devil Inside (opens Nov 30)

By , November 27, 2012 8:33 am

An ominous gift.  A murderous take kept secret for fourteen years.  A world spiraling out of control.  Gene Slater’s 21st birthday sets the wheels of fate in motion on a darkly comic rollercoaster ride to hell!

UMKC Theatre presents David Lindsay-Abaire’s twisted tale of love and revenge–an absurd trip that is a theatrical experience unlike any other!

Show runs November 30 through December 9 in Studio 116, Performing Arts Center.  Tickets will sell out fast–buy them on-line.  For more information, call Central Ticket Office at 235-6222.


Number One Magazine offers student awards for creative work

By , November 13, 2012 11:23 am

Christine Pivovar, Leanna Bales, and Liz Cook staff a recent information table at the Student Union for Number One Magazine. UMKC's student literary journal has announced two new student awards for creative writing and artwork.

Number One Magazine, UMKC’s student literary journal, is proud to establish two new awards for students to promote and reward the creation of exemplary creative writing and visual artwork/photography.  The $100 John Latosi Award for Creative Writing (in memory of John Latosi, a poet and journalist from New York) will be presented for the best submission in 2012 of short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry (three or more poems), a screenplay, or a stage play.  The $100 Lena Vaughn Award for the Visual Arts (in memory of Lena Vaughn, a prolific painter from Iowa) will be presented for the best image or group of images submitted in 2012.  The awards were made possible by a private donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

The deadline to submit for the awards is 5 p.m. on Saturday, December 1, 2012.  Submissions can be sent by e-mail to  Please visit the magazine’s website at, or check out NumberOneMag on Facebook and Twitter for more information about the magazine.

 Submission Guidelines are below:

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Strategic Plan Listening Session (Nov 15)

By , November 13, 2012 9:17 am

The UMKC campus community is invited to participate in a series of forums to discuss the ongoing implementation of our strategic plan.  The first of the forums will focus on Goal 1: Place Student Success at the Center.  The session is scheduled for Thursday, 15 November from 9.30-11am in Pierson Auditorium, Student Success Center.

Since the plan was completed, a group of more than 20 different task forces, committees and subcommittees have been meeting to monitor, revisit, revise, and renew a variety of specific implementation plans for the plan’s goals.

We’ll begin with presentations from four of those task forces, but we’re not seeking a passive audience. Our goal is to gather feedback from our faculty, students, and staff as to the allocation of resources for, priority order of, and additional thoughts on our planning efforts. Questions and comments are encouraged.  The four groups presenting next Thursday are:

  • Advising Task Force
  • Transfer Student Task Force
  • Undergraduate Research
  • University College

UMKC’s Strategic Plan is designed to identify our core goals and set out a plan of action for achieving them.  The plan unveiled in 2010, “Strategic Plan 2010-2020: A design for the future of Kansas City’s University,”  includes six strategic goals.  It was the work of a steering committee of over 30 representatives from the faculty, staff, student body, and external constituents.  It was vetted through meetings involving over 150 members of our university community.  We look forward to your continued participation as we implement the plan.


Truman Bootstrap Award – Summer 2013 Internship in DC

By , November 13, 2012 9:16 am

Are you interested in public service? Have you ever wanted to travel to Washington D.C. to experience firsthand the national policy process? The Truman Bootstrap Award may be the means to help you achieve this goal.

The Truman Center is celebrating Harry Truman’s legacy of public service with a “Bootstrap Scholarship” award that will permit two students who otherwise might not be able to do so to spend four weeks in Washington, D.C.

The goal is to introduce two qualified undergraduates who are interested in public service to the national policy process through a month-long immersion experience with the D.C. offices of the Missouri Congressional delegation or other offices as appropriate.

Student interns will be assigned to governmental offices (legislative or administrative) and will work with identified mentors while there, normally during the June summer academic session.

The internships will be available to students who meet the following criteria:

• Full-time status at UMKC as a rising junior or rising senior;

• Minimum UMKC GPA of 3.25; and

• Any academic major provided the student has had at least one American Government course at the college level. Preference will be given to those students with a demonstrated interest in public service and civic leadership.

The completed application portfolio – with all required materials – will be due in the Truman Center mail box, Room 302 Scofield Hall by 3 p.m., Dec. 10, 2012. Questions? Contact Gayla Curtis at 816-235-2720 or by email.

To see additional information about this process, including the eligibility requirements, application process, and requirements for participation, see the Truman Bootstrap Award website.

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