Does This Count? Stalking Scenarios

Stalking can happen to anyone and be perpetrated by anyone. The following are scenarios that illustrate the possible interactions that may “count” as stalking.**

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**These scenarios are not drawn from actual complaints of stalking reported at UMKC as those cases are held in the strictest confidence, although it is likely that these scenarios may reflect incidents occurring to our students and employees in real life. The scenarios draw upon the extensive research literature on stalking behaviors. The names chosen for the scenarios are gender neutral to reflect the fact that stalking occurs in all gender configurations and to folx of all sexual orientations. The scenarios are concise and do not capture the complexities that may emerge during the formal complaint process, which is designed to provide a fair and thorough review of each complaint and thus includes independent fact finding, a formal resolution, and an appeal process. For more information on the process used by UMKC to address complaints of stalking, visit Resources & Information (link).