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Nobel Prize-winning research

Jeffrey Price, Ph.D., associate professor at the UMKC School of Biological Sciences, is an author of two of the seven key publications on circadian rhythms that led up to this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine. Research in this field contributes to better understanding of the human biological clock, translating into potential therapies to help people … Continue reading Nobel Prize-winning research

Small connections, big implications

In most research, there’s no such thing as “minor details” or “the small stuff.” This is especially true for Xiaolan Yao, Ph.D. Her research team makes and uses three-dimensional models of proteins, and for those models to be accurate, every atom counts. She and her team — currently two graduate students and two undergraduates — … Continue reading Small connections, big implications

Insects and Immunity

Meet the tobacco hornworm. It’s a bright green caterpillar striped diagonally with white lines bordered by black dots. It grows up to be a moth, its formal name being manduca sexta. Now meet Xiao-Qiang (Sean) Yu, professor of molecular biology and biochemistry. At his UMKC lab, Yu works with hundreds of these insects — as … Continue reading Insects and Immunity

A Team Approach to Targeting HIV

Around 40 million people worldwide live with HIV. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 50,000 people in the U.S. are newly infected with HIV each year. UMKC Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Thomas Menees, Ph.D., and Professor of Biological Sciences Gerald Wyckoff, Ph.D., are trying to find out how to stop the virus in … Continue reading A Team Approach to Targeting HIV