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Barbarians at the Gate

A beautifully rendered church mosaic, a worn coin, a famous gold medallion — each bearing the images of men and women from Italy’s distant past. These representations were a common part of Prof. Massimiliano Vitiello’s Roman boyhood. But later, examining these same items with a scholar’s eye, Vitiello considered the stories behind these familiar faces … Continue reading Barbarians at the Gate

Uncovering the paper trail

UMKC researchers are using 21st century scientific methods to follow a paper trail across medieval Europe. The interdisciplinary project by principal investigators Virginia Blanton, Ph.D., professor of English and department co-chair; Reza Derakhshani, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science and electrical engineering; Nathan Oyler, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry; and Jeff Rydberg-Cox, director of classics … Continue reading Uncovering the paper trail

Scaling up business
in Kansas City

Maria Meyers, director of the UMKC Innovation Center, has been pioneering programs that promote entrepreneurship since she joined UMKC in 2003. The tools: the interconnecting programs that form a network of resources for businesses in the Kansas City area and beyond. Each program is designed to work solo or in concert to form a symphony … Continue reading Scaling up business
in Kansas City

Fewer needles, no tubes

Amy Johnson, who has type 1 diabetes, has already benefitted from research. But if an invention from the UMKC School of Pharmacy can make the leap from lab to real life, Johnson will benefit even more. The 2014 UMKC graduate is currently tethered to the latest-greatest insulin-delivery system: a pager-sized pump connected through a tube … Continue reading Fewer needles, no tubes