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Unlocking the genetics of disease

In the world of genetics and molecular research, scientists are exploring a phenomenon of gene functions they call the double-edged sword. On the one hand, a particular gene is shown to have a destructive effect, leading to disease in the human body. On the other, that same gene protects the body from other illnesses. For … Continue reading Unlocking the genetics of disease

Insects and Immunity

Meet the tobacco hornworm. It’s a bright green caterpillar striped diagonally with white lines bordered by black dots. It grows up to be a moth, its formal name being manduca sexta. Now meet Xiao-Qiang (Sean) Yu, professor of molecular biology and biochemistry. At his UMKC lab, Yu works with hundreds of these insects — as … Continue reading Insects and Immunity

Spotlight Q&A with William Gutheil, Ph.D.

What are you currently working on? My current research is on bacterial cell-wall biosynthesis, which is the target of many of our most effective antibacterial agents – such as penicillin. My background was in the areas of enzymology and bio-organic chemistry. I started my research career by looking for an area of high biomedical significance … Continue reading Spotlight Q&A with William Gutheil, Ph.D.

Spotlight: Peter Eaton

What does the center do? The Center for Economic Information uses geographic information systems tools and surveys housing conditions in the metro area on a regular basis. That information allows CEI to associate housing conditions with numerous other indicators, as well as create a baseline to evaluate the impact of policy changes on neighborhoods.   … Continue reading Spotlight: Peter Eaton

Expanding the Oral Health Care Workforce

When Melanie Simmer-Beck, a UMKC School of Dentistry professor, began working to bring better oral health care to children in Kansas, she was often surprised at the level of tooth decay she and her colleagues saw in their young patients. The children who came to in-school clinics in several Olathe, Kan., public schools often were … Continue reading Expanding the Oral Health Care Workforce