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Disaster Hunter

To many, boulders scattered on the ground are nothing more than big rocks. But for Tina Niemi, Ph.D., geosciences professor and undergraduate geology adviser at UMKC, boulders often tell a story. It’s an opportunity for her to uncover the underlying geological and environmental history. “Most large boulders require a high-energy event to move them,” Niemi … Continue reading Disaster Hunter

Progress, Measured in Increments

This is not a story about a stunning scientific breakthrough or a cure for a debilitating and deadly disease that haunts individuals and families. No, this is a story about slow, steady, incremental progress. About mitigating symptoms and minimizing side effects; about a long-term battle against a lifetime illness for which a partial reduction in … Continue reading Progress, Measured in Increments

The Little Things in Life

Leonard Dobens, Ph.D., is not afraid to admit he spends much of his time with flies. Instead, he sees the beauty and importance of studying these tiny organisms. Dobens is currently researching the role of a gene called Tribbles in embryonic development and diseases. He uses Drosophila melanogaster, more commonly known as the fruit fly, … Continue reading The Little Things in Life

UMKC receives largest non-health research funding

The U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Naval Research has awarded a $7.2 million grant and a $7.7 million contract to UMKC to develop technologies to reduce national security threats from drones. These are the largest non-health research awards received at UMKC. The team of investigators also includes researchers from the Missouri University of Science … Continue reading UMKC receives largest non-health research funding

Increasing access to clean water in Africa

Access to consistent and safe drinking water is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity, and in many African countries the clean water shortage is getting worse. John Kevern, Ph.D., associate professor of civil engineering, has been working alongside graduate students from the University of the Western Cape to help find a feasible solution for … Continue reading Increasing access to clean water in Africa