UMKC Students Combine Volunteerism with Learning How to Ride the City Bus

Propel Bus Training Program Leader Kristal Perry
UMKC student Kristal Perry leads Propel’s bus training program

Every Wednesday afternoon, UMKC Propel Program VISTA Kristal Perry leads a four-hour bus training for small groups of Propel students. Kristal is an experienced KC transit rider, who, with an assistant, shows students how to read the online bus schedule at for both Troost MAX and Main MAX—routes where many Propel internships are located. The group starts by taking the Troost MAX south to Cleaver Family YMCA where several students volunteer. On their way south, they pass the Spay and Neuter Clinic, which is another internship site for Propel. Then the group rides the northbound Troost MAX to Operation Breakthrough at 31th and Troost, where they participate in a volunteer activity, eat lunch at Thelma’s Kitchen, and return to UMKC. The next week, they take the Main MAX to Union Station, where they learn about volunteer opportunities, tour the Hallmark museum, and eat lunch at Crown Center before returning to campus. Both Main MAX and Troost MAX buses are easily accessible to UMKC students, and the bus training program helps Propel students become as independent as possible getting around Kansas City using public transportation.