Student Spotlight: Landon Cary

Landon is a second-year Propel student with a passion for art. His future plans include becoming a teacher and continuing to develop leadership skills. For our Student Spotlight this month, we are featuring Landon and his artistic skills. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @not_crowhybrid.

Spotlight Questions

1. When did you start doing art?

“I started drawing 11 years ago back in the third grade.”

2. Do you have a favorite artist who you draw inspiration from?

“Yes, I am inspired by Manga Artist Hiro Mashima.

3. Has Propel helped you as an artist?

“Propel told me about an Autism Awareness art class at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art that I took monthly”.

4. What are you looking forward to as a second year Propel student?

“I am looking forward to my new classes and hopefully meet new people.”

#Landscape #NelsonAtkins

“This picture is part of the walkway at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. This was made with Conte Landscape Crayons”

#Illustration #Nintendo #StarFox #StarWolf #Starlink #VideoGames

“This picture is Nintendo’s Star Wolf from the Star Fox Franchise. This was drawn with pencil and illustrated with Sharpie and colored pencils.”

#Illustration #Character #Anime

“This picture is a character I came up with and drew from my head. This was drawn with pencils and illustrated with Sharpie, pigma ink pens, and color pencils”

#Illustration #Fairy Tail #Anime #Character

“This picture is Jackal, one of the characters I drew back in 3rd grade all the way to now. I drew in pencil and illustrated with Sharpie and color pencils”

“This picture is a character from the anime Fairy Tail named Invel Yura. This was illustrated with Sharpies, pigma ink pens, and colored pencils”

#Nintendo #Mario #Comedy #SMG4

“This image is a Mario fun picture, I drew it based off YouTube Channel SMG4. This was drawn with pencil and illustrated with pigma ink pens and colored pencils”