UMKC students, undergraduate and graduate, provide student mentoring and support to the Propel students.  Peer mentoring is a kind of relationship between more experienced UMKC students and Propel students.  Peer mentors provide education, recreation and support opportunities to Propel students.  The mentors may challenge their Propel mentee with new ideas, and encourage the mentee to move beyond the things that are most comfortable.  Peer mentors are selected for their sensibility, confidence, social skills and reliability.  Our Propel peer mentors are trained prior to each semester on being a peer mentor and on providing support for people with disabilities in a way that fosters self-determination.

Benefits of being a Mentee

  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support
  • Learn from the experience of others
  • Increase social and academic confidence
  • Become more empowered to make decisions
  • Develop communication, study and personal skills
  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues
  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction
  • Gain valuable insight into the next stage of your education or career
  • Make new friends

Benefits of being a Mentor

  • Improve communication and personal skills
  • Develop leadership and management qualities
  • Reinforce your own study skills and knowledge of your subject(s)
  • Increase your confidence and motivation
  • Engage in campus employment opportunity
  • Enhance your resume
  • Increase your circle of friends
  • Gain recognition for your skills and experience
  • Benefit from a sense of fulfillment and personal growth

Please contact Laura Hurse, for more information about becoming a peer mentor.