Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning

All of our Propel student are required to earn Work-Based Learning and/or On-the-Job Training hours that reflect their individual career interests.  Students choose their own company or organization for their on-the-job-training hours with input from their personal support system/family. The location site must be approved by Propel’s Work-Based-Learning Coordinator.  Students earn their required hours at their Work-Based-Learning site in conjunction with their employment coursework. Four of the required core courses have learning components that facilitate students learning in real-world situations.  Through these four classes, students complete the program with a minimum of three work-based experiences on their resumes.  In addition, Propel staff work with individuals to develop and implement plans for securing employment as they graduate and transition from the program.

Benefits of Work-Based-Learning

  • Gain work experience and transferable skills
  • Possibly earn course credit
  • Experience a prospective career path
  • Gain practical experience applying methods and theories learned in class
  • Network with professionals for references and future job opportunities
  • Develop new skills and refine others
  • Gain confidence in your abilities

Propel students receive benefits in their own personal development and self satisfaction from their Work-Based Learning sites as well as information retention and a sense of engagement typically not experienced in most classes.  Work-Based Learning students develop management, leadership, teamwork, communication and decision making skills.

*Propel also welcomes other UMKC students as Service-Learning Workers, Volunteers, Interns, Mentors and Classroom Assistants for the Propel program.  Contact Laura Hurse, for more information.

*Faculty interested in including Propel Program  in their course, contact Alexis Petri for more information.