Propel students enroll in three types of courses: Propel courses, Propel Open courses, and electives.

Propel Courses

Psychology 151: College Study Skills and Resources

  • Course helps Propel students develop critical thinking, time management and academic skills, necessary for success in college and future employment.  Students will learn about their individual learning styles and skills as well as the academic resources available to help them develop new skills. They will also explore and use various software and apps to help them stay organized and build self-sufficiency.

Psychology 152: Developing a Person-Centered Life Plan

  • In this course students in the Propel Program will develop a person-centered plan that will serve as a foundation for their college experience and their future. The course approaches the topic with the belief that people with disabilities are people first and therefore the person-centered life engages the whole person and ensures person-centered supports.

Psychology 153: Communication Skills for Networking, Employment, and Friendship

  • Through this course, students in the Propel program will gain communication skills, networking skills; learn how to build friendships; and gain important insight on personal safety.

Psychology 154: Personal Finance and Disability Services

  • This course will introduce Propel students to disability services that they will need in their adult lives. A second focus on personal finance will help students understand how disability benefits affect their personal finances.

Psychology 155: Developing a Career

  • Career development is a journey of self-assessment and decision-making. Using an interactive discovery process, students identify possible careers that would match personality type, strengths, interest, skills, and/or values. With Career Center resources, Propel students identify strategies for leveraging the college experience to jump start a career.

Psychology 156:  Transition Skills

  • Propel students will learn how to identify, report and avoid abuse, neglect, and exploitation. They will also learn about their personal rights, including the right to confidentiality.

Propel Open Courses

There are 5 Propel Open Courses which will be available to any UMKC student.

Psychology 252: Writing, Creativity, and Sharing Your Story

  • Telling your story can be empowering. This course provides frameworks for writers interested in memoir by reading the stories of people with disabilities and writing their own story.

Psychology 253: Disability Civil Rights Movements

  • A survey of disability civil rights movements.  The course includes such topics as institutionalization and deinstitutionalization, education, protests, civil rights advocacy, and the ADA.  Students will develop a timeline of disability history milestones and conduct oral history interviews with Kansas City area individuals with disabilities.

Psychology 255: Accessible, Inclusive Internships

  • Through this experiential learning opportunity, students complete an internship with a company, non-profit, governmental or community-based organization. Through a combination of direct observation, reflection, and evaluation, students relate the experience to their academic study and to their career exploration.

Psychology 257: Disability History and Culture

  • An examination of selected political, cultural, economic and social forces shaping disability from historical and present day perspectives. The course is taught with discussions and reflections with local disability leaders.

Psychology 258: Leadership and Disabilities

  • Students learn about leadership theories and develop leadership skills as they apply theory to real situations.


Propel students will take seven elective courses from among the UMKC catalog of 100-level and 200-level courses, depending on interest and ability. Some possible electives are:

  • Art 105: Introduction to Photography
  • Art 112: Foundation Drawing
  • Econ 100: Economics Explained
  • English 126: Popular Literature
  • HMNTY 105P: Literature, Composition & Critical Thinking: Individual and Society
  • Int-DISC 201P: Energy, Technology and Society
  • Physics 140: How Things Work