Letter to UMKC Propel Program Applicants

Dear Applicant and Applicant Supports,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a UMKC Propel student.

Due to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 crisis, UMKC is in a financially difficult position. Programs like Propel, providing a high level of support and a tailored approach to serving a small number of students, are expensive to run.  UMKC is closing the Propel Program. Regretfully, Propel will not be able to admit its fifth cohort fall 2020.

We are hopeful that because of the success of Propel, another college or university will be in a position to carry on the program. Since so much is still unknown, we would like you to stay in touch with us. Our communities will need to increase transition support to help young adults maintain their learning skills and explore careers and jobs.  We have several suggestions to share with you now and expect to have more in the near future:

  • If you live in the Kansas City area, consider:  an employment skills class through Goodwill Industries, 816-842-7425.
  • Here is a resource list of other programs in the Midwest that may be a good fit for you:
  • For all applicants, volunteering at an organization, or working a part-time job, is a great way to learn how to manage your time and communicate with others, two critical skills for success in the adult world.

On behalf of everyone at the Propel Program we thank you for your support. We look forward to reaching out to you with better news in the future. If you would like help finding other programs or resources for the fall, please let us know.


UMKC Propel Program Office