What Parents, Students, and Mentors Have to Say About Propel

Propel students in group photo
Propel students pose for group photo

“Propel was a game changer for both of us. Jack matured immensely, his social skills and vocabulary improved dramatically and he graduated prepared to find a career, not just a job. I will be forever grateful to this program! – Stephanie Chamblin, Parent of Jack O’Connor

“Dr. Petri helped me get my career started in the propel program because she was my first propel instructor to see what college can do for me in the long term and every day I am thankful for her help in guiding me to reach my full potential and goals in life. – Turon Lang, 2018 Propel Graduate

“Before Propel my son felt that his future was limited but his growth has been phenomenal.   Propel has given my son the tools and confidence to become an incredible young man with unlimited potential.  His future is bright thanks all to the dedicated and caring staff, mentors and professors.  We are extremely grateful! – Kathy Hudon, Propel Parent

“Shannon comes home happy and energized every day, as far as we can tell.  She seems to be more confident and more independent.  To hear that she is thriving is more than we could have prayed for.  I thank God she is in this program and that you gave her this opportunity. Thank you so much for the insightful information that helps me appreciate Shannon’s experience at Propel. – Joyce Cochren, Propel Parent

“Propel has changed my life because I’ve been able to build relationships with people in ways I never have been able to before. I also feel if I have found my life’s purpose in advocating for those with disabilities. – Maddie Houx, Propel Mentor

“Everyone has been amazing at UMKC! – Juan Garcia, parent of first year student

“The Propel program at UMKC has provided our family the opportunity to let our daughter spread her wings and prove to us, but most especially to prove to herself all of the things that she is capable of doing on her own.  She can manage her time to be sure she gets to the cafeteria while it is open, allows enough time to eat and also be to class on time.  She manages her calendar, so that she doesn’t miss classes or social events.  She studies and prepares for classes, takes her own medication, is in charge of what she wears and what she does with her free time, and she does her own laundry.  We are so excited with the personal growth we have seen in such a short time on campus!  Our daughter is excited to be a UMKC Roo and we look forward watching her continue to grow in her independence and knowledge. – Cherié C. Seipel, Propel Parent