Propel Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission Statement (What We Do)

As an inclusive postsecondary program, our mission at Propel is to promote education, independence, and employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Propel celebrates the full spectrum of ability and diversity among students, faculty, staff, and the communities we serve.

Vision (Why We Do What We Do)

Propel aspires to be an exemplary inclusive postsecondary program of the 21st Century, as a person-centered learning community that fosters diversity, inclusion, and independence to enrich the lives of the people we serve.


  • Serve as a model of person-centered college education for all students and abilities.
  • Prepare Propel students for employment in integrated work settings.
  • Enhance career outcomes for Propel students and alumni.
  • Provide academic, employment, and social mentoring that supports inclusion.
  • Develop partnerships within UMKC, local educational agencies, nonprofits, local governments, and employers.

As a UMKC program housed in the College of Arts & Sciences, we honor the mission of the University at large and embrace UMKC’s core values as our own: University of Missouri – Kansas City Mission, Vision, Values.