Mission, Goals and Objectives

As an UMKC program housed in the College of Arts & Sciences, we honor the mission statements of both the University at large, as well as the College of Arts & Sciences.  We embrace UMKC’s core values as our own.

University of Missouri – Kansas City Mission/Goals/Statement of Values

Mission Statement

UMKC’s mission is to lead in life and health sciences; to deepen and expand strength in the visual and performing arts; to develop a professional workforce and collaborate in urban issues and education; and to create a vibrant learning and campus life experience.


  • Place student success at the center
  • Lead in life and health sciences
  • Advance urban engagement
  • Excel in the visual and performing arts
  • Embrace diversity
  • Promote research and economic development

Statement of Values

We, the community members of UMKC, are proud to contribute to a student-centered urban university, serving our mission of learning, discovery, research, and service, inspired by our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and respectful interaction.

Committed to learning, we agree to:

  • Pursue our own growth, encourage our students, and support all engaged in learning, discovery, research, and service.
  • Learn from our mistakes and value feedback from others.
  • Explore the ways our experiences and biases shape us, so as to empower ourselves and elevate our communities.

As individuals, we agree to:

  • Act with honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability for our decisions and actions.
  • Appreciate each person as multitalented, possessing dignity, and reflecting diverse social and cultural identities.
  • Listen to others with empathy, express our own views with civility, and engage in respectful dialogue.

As a community, we agree to:

  • Foster a culture of caring and service.
  • Avoid assuming intentions or judging others.
  • Partner and collaborate with colleagues and constituents in our stewardship of university resources.

Working to create a great university, a vibrant community, and a better world, we agree to:

  • Ensure that everyone is safe and free from oppression, to fully participate in our multicultural community.
  • Engage in critical inquiry and data-informed decision-making that fosters continuous improvement.
  • Recognize change as an ongoing opportunity to create a brighter future for each and for all.

College of Arts and Sciences Vision Statement/Mission Statement

Vision Statement

UMKC’s College of Arts and Sciences will be a model urban liberal arts and sciences college reputed for both traditional and cutting-edge undergraduate and graduate academic programs; a highly diverse and dynamic faculty, staff and student body; an active engagement with its city and region; and a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research.

Mission Statement

UMKC’s College of Arts and Sciences promotes the development of an enlightened society by fostering the discovery of new information in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences, and by making its educational resources widely available to the public. Through teaching, research and service, the College enhances and enriches the intellectual, cultural and economic well-being of the city, the region and the state of Missouri. Capitalizing on the diversity and expertise of its faculty, the College provides the graduates of all of the university’s academic divisions a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. With emphases on writing, critical thinking and interdisciplinarity, the College’s academic programs introduce students to the major branches of knowledge and to research methods in the various disciplines and professional programs. Upper-division and graduate programs prepare students for leadership roles in the arts, sciences, business and industry, education, government, health organizations, and social-service agencies. The College is committed to lifelong learning and civic engagement.

Propel Program Goals and Objectives

Propel has specific and programmatic overarching goal and objectives, as follows:

The over-arching goal of Propel is to enhance self-determination and career outcomes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through an inclusive, comprehensive postsecondary program at the University of Missouri Kansas City.

Objective #1:

To develop internal partnerships within UMKC and external partnerships with local educational agencies, agencies serving individuals with IDD, and community organizations which provide ongoing guidance and support to the program.

Objective #2:

To enhance self-determination and career outcomes through a program that focuses on the core domains of academics, employment, independent living, and socialization.

Objective #3:

To develop a person-centered life plan with each program participant that creates a vision for the individual’s future and engages their family and personal support networks in working toward their goals.

Objective #4:

To provide academic and social mentoring that supports the inclusion of students with IDD within academic courses and extracurricular activities.

Objective #5:

To maintain a meaningful credential through a transcripted program certificate endorsed by UMKC and the Missouri Department of Higher Education.