October Grants Proposal Development Workshop


You are cordially invited to the next UMKC Office of Research proposal- and research-program-development workshop series on 29OCT2019. The workshop will be led by Anthony Caruso, the Missouri Institute for Defense and Energy and ORS Pre-Award. The workshop will focus and execute on:

  • articulation of intellectual concepts into short/cogent arguments;
  • white paper writing and feedback exercise;
  • quad chart preparation;
  • mechanisms by which investigators can sell and recycle their ideas/concepts (communicating with program officers);
  • funding mechanisms and budgets from Department of Defense and related sponsors;
  • different funding vehicles (grants vs. contracts vs. cooperative agreements, and more);
  • program officers vs. program managers;
  • reading the tea leaves of a call for proposals;
  • research areas within the Defense, Intelligence and Energy enterprise/portfolio (from History to Biology to Clinical Trials to Economics);

Target Audience: any faculty and researchers who wish to take their research program to the next level and write proposals for federal funding outside of the classical channels, and especially to the Department of Defense.

  • Date and Location: Workshop 3 with Anthony Caruso
    Tuesday, 29OCT2019, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
    Royal Hall 104
  • The event is free and registration is required. Please RSVP via email or phone to Leslie Burgess, burgessla@umkc.edu, 816-235-1520.