The Greenhouse Wasn’t Green, Pt. 5… But it Got Pruned…

After the University Business Office moved out of the greenhouse  the space began to be used for a number of different functions – all of them not lasting very long… It became special lecture space for the Science Building (Mannheim Hall), and then, in 1967, it returned to being a snack bar and study area — only now unstaffed and stocked with vending machines to provide snacks for students.

Snack Bar 1967

According to an article in the U News 14 lounge chairs were ordered for the space along with vending machines to dispense “candy, cigarettes, cold food, coffee, cold drinks, and snacks.”

Only a year later though a growing student body sealed the fate of the greenhouse.  New classroom space was needed and the lot containing the greenhouse was deemed the perfect spot for a new building.  In 1968 the greenhouse was torn down to make way for the Haag Hall Annex building (later renamed Royall Hall).