Student Mischief

Even in the past, students could get up to some hijinks that were sometimes a bit more exuberant than planned. For example, this article from the December 18, 1952 issue of the U News


(By the way, the green ink used to print this edition was in honor of the upcoming Christmas holiday).

Also, if you look closely at the photo below you can see the words “Turkey Hop” on the roof of the building as is mentioned in the article

Volker Campus c 1952

UKC Played Host to Famous Guests

Over the years UKC had more than its fair share of famous guests, visitors, and performers. Witness this front page of the U News from 1949 when actor/comedian Bob Hope recorded a performance of his show at the university…


The Original University Playhouse

With the remodel of the Performing Arts Center recently unveiled it is interesting to see how far the university has come from its’ humble beginnings….

Back: "1953 - KCU, Campus Building" Front: "KCU #5" UAP: Buildings; University Playhouse; Patio
Back: “1953 – KCU, Campus Building”
Front: “KCU #5”
UAP: Buildings; University Playhouse; Patio