Founders Week

In honor of Founders Week here at UMKC here is a picture of the entire UKC Faculty when the University opened in 1933

Members of the UKC Faculty, October 1933
Members of the UKC Faculty, October 1933

Underwriting the U

In honor of Founder’s Week here at UMKC it seems appropriate to look at those who helped found the University with the financial backing to get it up and running back in 1933. Below is an image of the original Sponsor’s Roll with the signatures of the first financial sponsors of UKC.

Signatures of first sponsors of UKC
Signatures of first sponsors of UKC

A Foundation of Stone

The University of Kansas City opened to students in 1933 but it took more than a year before it began to visibly grow… in the form of the first original building built for campus.

The Science Building, now Mannheim Hall, was the first addition to the campus – finished in 1935 and built of local stone in order to pair well with the Dickey Mansion (Scofield) across the lawn.

Here we have a rare picture of Mannheim Hall still under construction but nearing completion:

Under Construction

Dental Hygiene of Yore

Here we see two Dental Hygiene students of 1970 in character as Baby Mollie Molar and Barney Bad preparing a skit for their Dental Hygiene Education class. The skit would later be performed at local elementary schools, aimed at teaching the kids proper dental care.

Dental Hygiene Education Skit

Where Tomes of Knowledge Dwelt

From the late 1940’s until the 1960’s the UMKC University Bookstore was located in the lower level of the original Student Union building – a temporary barracks building acquired from Camp Crowder military base in the aftermath of WW II. In this undated picture you can see the types of items available in the bookstore of old. Take special note of the felt, stuffed Kangaroos at the top of the picture. One of these mascots is currently on display in the window of the present Bookstore, courtesy of Christopher Wolff.

Interior of Old Bookstore (temporary building)
Interior of Old Bookstore (temporary building)