UMKC Engineering Faculty Tapped for National Science Foundation Position

Deep Medhi secures assignment as program director for the Computer and Network Systems Division

Deep Medhi, Curators’ Distinguished Professor at the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering, has been named program director for the National Science Foundation’s Computer & Network Systems (CNS) Division.

CNS supports research and education activities that invent new computing and networking technologies and that explore new ways to make use of existing technologies. The Division seeks to develop a better understanding of the fundamental properties of computer and network systems and to create better abstractions and tools for designing, building, analyzing, and measuring future systems. He is serving the appointment at the CNS headquarters in Washington, D.C.

In his position, Medhi will make recommendations about which grant proposals to fund based on assessments submitted by expert panels; influence new directions in the fields of future Internet and communication networking; and support cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and mentor junior research members. Program directors have the opportunity to be involved with a broad spectrum of national scientific programs and initiatives that ultimately increase intellectual awareness and enhance professional growth. He will serve under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act.

“There is a great opportunity to use my position to enhance the visibility of the SCE at NSF as well as in other parts of the nation. I am able to network and collaborate with CNS experts from across the United States and internationally.”
– Medhi

As an IPA program director, Medhi will continue to be on staff at the university and return with new insights and experience to benefit the SCE.

Medhi’s research contributions, spanning over 25 years, have influenced the advancement and application of engineering, science and technology and had a lasting impact on computer science. His innovative works include protection design models for multi-layer backbone networks and capacity design methodologies, and network resilience for geographically correlated failures. His current research focus areas include:

• Resilient multilayer networks — architecture and design,
• Cloud/data center networking,
• Video quality-of-experience,
• Internet routing protocols,
• Network design, optimization, performance and management, and
• Next generation networks

Medhi is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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