Our students have had wonderful multicultural experiences that will influence their outlook on others from all backgrounds for the rest of their lives. Here are just a few of those experiences in the words of those who participated in our programing and services.


"I am a senior. MSA definitely played a major role in me developing my professional leadership skills. The MSA family was also an amazing support system for getting through those touch moments in life. I have always felt welcomed in the office. "

− Aurielle Young, Class of 2014

"Multicultural Student Affairs was the foundation of my success at UMKC. Had it not been for the emotional support, intellectual probing, insistence on personal growth, and free food provided by that office I would not have completed my undergraduate degree, understood the need for a master’s degree, or went on to pursue my doctorate degree. MSC is a pillar of support for minority students at UMKC."

− Weston Parham, Alum

"Multicultural Student Affairs impacted my undergraduate experience in such a phenomenal way. I don’t think people realize how large of an impact a person’s words can really have on someone. Whether it was advice on my school schedule, how to deal with outside work experiences, or participating in the office activities I was very grateful to have Mrs. Keichanda, Mrs. Tiffany and Mrs. Phyllis there to really mold me and help me prepare for my future. I learned the importance of not just being impactful, but leaving a legacy while continuously paying it forward to those who will come after you. I will forever love those ladies and love that office. Thank you for impacting my life for the better!!!"

− Porsha Doyle, Alum

"I am a graduate of UMKC’s School of Arts and Science with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Spanish. Throughout my years on UMKC’s campus MSA has been a second home for me. The office as a whole serves as my second family. I joke and tell people that my aunt (Mrs. Phyllis) sits at the front, my cousins (students) are all around the office and my big brothers and sisters (Staff) , all help me to stay on track with goals and life in general. As a student at the university, I was involved in various organizations, programs, and assumed leadership positions in many aspects. I am now a professional staff at the university. Before all of these, I was first a work study student in the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. I am proud to say that my college career was rooted and nurtured by the Multicultural Student Affairs office. Since this rooting I have blossomed into a well-rounded professional and individual because of the family environment and resources I received from the office."

− Sandra DuPree, Alum


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