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Past Paper Winners

Past Winners Include:

2017 Jamie Gunderson, University of Texas – Austin
“Revisiting the Holy Greyhound”

2014  Don Allmon, University of Kansas
“The Only Good Werewolf: Humans, Dogs, and Monsters in ‘Bisclavret’ and ‘Sir Gowther.’”

2013  Nina Verbanaz, University of Central Missouri
“Envisaging Eternity: Salian Women’s Religious Patronage”

2012 Bianca Lopez, Washington University in St. Louis

”As if Drinking Christian Blood: Sermons and Jewish Neighbors in Late Medieval Perugia”

2011 Anna Linden Weller, Rutgers University
“Transmittable Apocalypses: Byzantine Political Authority and the Co-Option of Western Eschatological Narrative in the First Crusade”

2010 Daniel J. Menold, University of Missouri – Columbia

”Sacred History: Hagiographical Constructs and the ‘Historical’ Gilbert of Sempringham”
Honorable Mention: Michael Wehrman, Yale University
”Rome and Miracles in the Writings of the Venerable Bede”

2009 James Bennett, Ohio State University
“The Once and Future Burghers: Social Memory and Civic Identity in Late Medieval St. Albans”

2008 Jennifer Culver, St. Louis University
“The Structure of Personal Experience: Rollean Mysticism in Piers Plowman”

2007 Julian Hendrix, King’s College, Cambridge
“The Origins of Monastic Intercession: Thought and Practice, Though Versus Practice”

2006 Martha Johnson-Olin, University of Missouri-Kansas City

”And lat hym care, and wepe, and wrynge, and waille’: Chaucer’s Clerk as Advocate of Masculine Virtue”

2005 Cindy Rogers, Oklahoma State University

”Arming Arthur: The Middle English Inheritance of Arming Scenes from Classical Epics”

2004 Lesley Allen, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“Mapping Conversion in Pearl”

2003 Jason Hardgrave, University of Kansas

”Pimps, Prostitutes, and Pedophiles: Female Perpetrators of Sex Crimes in Fourteenth-Century Venice”

2002 Carola Dwyer, San Diego State University
“^Noch liehter danne got getan: Coveting Armor in Wolfram’s Parzival^”

2001 Marie A. Kelleher, University of Kansas

”Sicut vir uxor: Clerics’ Concubines in the Diocese of Barcelona”