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Thin is In? Think Again.

Frances Bozsik’s thesis research found that body image ideals for women are not only getting thinner, but more muscular.  This dual focus on thinness and muscularity puts even more pressure on women to achieve unrealistic beauty standards–not to mention it promotes unrealistic physical activity expectations.  Her work is gaining international attention. Read about it here!


Mickey StunkardNight Eating Syndrome

Night eating syndrome was first described by Dr. Albert (Mickey) Stunkard in 1955.  Dr. Stunkard was passionate about understanding the causes of NES and recognizing treatment for those who suffer from it.  Dr. Stunkard passed away on July 12, 2014.  To learn about his life and several significant contributions to the obesity and eating disorder fields, you are invited to read this letter by the President of the Obesity Society:










Weight Bias and Political Candidates:



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