• 1990
    Seattle, Washington

    Computer Science, BS

    University of Washington

  • 1997
    Newark, NJ

    Computer and Information Science, Ph.D.

    New Jersey Institute of Technology


Research Grants

Pending Grants

  1. Looking through HerLens: Championing Creativity, Technology, and Women Leadership in STEM via Interdisciplinary Project-based Team Learning, National Science Foundation (NSF), $300,000, 8/30/2021 – 7/30/2023. Role: PI

Currently Grants

  1. CUE Ethics: Collaborative Research: Open Collaborative Experiential Learning (OCEL.AI): Bridging Digital Divides in Undergraduate Education of Data Science, Role: PI. (NSF IUSE #1935076, $350,000, 1/1/2020 – 6/30/2021). The goals of OCEL.AI include (1) To foster interest in skills and careers of computer science. (2) To train data science, ethics, and storytelling components to existing CS and X courses. (3) To make data science more relevant to minority students and advance our knowledge of the role of critical thinking in improving the relevance of data science to learners. With OCEL.AI, we can leap over the digital divide and close the gaps between minorities and the majority before it creates irreversible social inequalities in this data, knowledge, and tech-driven economy.
  2. NSF SCC-PG Early Community Intervention for Neighborhood Revitalization Using Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies (NSF #1951971, $150,000, 10/1/20–9/30/21). Specific objectives of this project consist of (1) enhancing scientific knowledge of house abandonment by applying deep learning technology and statistical modeling, (2) fostering a multidisciplinary and diverse research community to develop tools for measuring, predicting, and preventing the spread of house abandonment, and (3) integrating KCMO’s community stakeholders into a series of community projects for optimal self-control to reduce of abandoned housing and resolve residual problems.The proposed research will ultimately improve urban health and public safety of residents. This project will enable us to provide guidance to local governments toward making effective data collection strategies, analysis, and policy. We will establish strong community partnerships and deliver a high-quality education to our next generation of leaders, innovators, and engineers.
  3. IUCRC Center for Big Learning, (NSF CNS #1747751, $749,980, 2/6/2018- 2/7/2023) Role: co-PI. The mission of the CBL is to pioneer in this emerging trend through united and coordinated efforts and deep integration and fusion of broad expertise. Making significant contributions and impacts to the deep learning community on pioneering research and applications to address a broad spectrum of real-world challenges; promoting products and services of the industry in general and our members in particular; the urgently needed education of our next-generation talents with real-world settings and world-class mentors from academia and industry. Our meetings, forums, conferences, planned training, faculty development sessions, and a large number of multidisciplinary DL courses will significantly promote and broaden the research, education, and materialization of DL.
Jobs And Experience
  • June'18
    Kansas City, MO


    NSF IUCRC Center for Big Learning, UMKC

  • Jan'17
    Kansas City, MO

    PhD CS Discipline Coordinator

    Computer Science and Informatics School of Computing and Engineering, UMKC

  • Aug'16
    Kansas City, MO


    Computer Science and Informatics School of Computing and Engineering, UMKC

  • June'05
    Kansas City, MO

    Associate Professor

    Computer Science and Informatics School of Computing and Engineering, UMKC

  • Aug'09
    Seoul, Korea

    Visiting Professor

    School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University

  • Sep'99
    Kansas City, MO

    Assistant Professor

    Computer Science and Informatics, School of Computing and Engineering,UMKC

  • Nov'96
    Austin, TX

    Research Staff

    Intuitive Interface to Information Systems (I3S), MCC

  • Sep'91
    Newark, NJ

    Teaching/Research Assistant

    New Jersey Institute of Technology


1) Real-time and big data analytics (Deep Learning) for pervasive and distributed systems

2) Semantic techniques for mobile and cloud-based systems and applications (Biomedical applications, Web, Mobile computing, and Social networking)

3) Multiple agent systems for dynamic service discovery and composition for service oriented systems

4) Cognitive robotics with IoT Analytics; and 5) virtual reality and augmented reality for immersive intelligence.