Researching the Firm/Organization & Interviewers

While your ability to articulate your skills and experience helps make you more marketable in an interview, knowing your interviewers (and the firm!) is another way to help set you apart from your peers. Since it is the eighth day of the month, here are eight key resources to investigate as you do your due diligence to prepare.

  • Find the interviewer(s) names. Go to your OCI tab in Symplicity and choose the appropriate OCI session from the drop-down menu. Click the “Review” button next to the firm/organization name. Underneath the OCI schedule header, the interviewer names are listed as soon as they become available.
  • Search the interviewer(s)’ on the firm website. Some aspects to focus on: what law school they graduated from, what practice areas they specialize in, what committees they sit on, and how long they’ve been at the firm.
  • Use LinkedIn! LinkedIn is a great tool to gather more intelligence on day-today or major responsibilities. Additionally, it can often provide insight into the interviewer’s work history. Be sure to log out before searching for an attorney – otherwise, they will see that you are looking at them!
  • Use the UMKC Business Intelligence Center: Lexis Advance Training guide. This guide is located in your “Resources” tab on Symplicity. In addition to finding more information about attorneys, there are directions that assist in finding recent cases the firm or interviewing attorney has been involved in.
  • Check out the Kansas City Business Journal. The KC Business Journal offers access to a comprehensive coverage of business news in Kansas City. This is particularly important because you don’t want to miss an obvious reference to the firm or interviewer in recent news.
  • Investigate WestLaw, Bloomberg, and Thomson Reuters products. Michael Robak in the Law Library can assist you in using these products on the Career Center Business Intelligence Center computer.
  • Connect with other students. Oftentimes, your fellow peers can shed valuable insight into an interviewer or a firm!




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